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Ms. Decembre "Boss Lady" Pierce

   Ms. Decembre Pierce is a dedicated, motivated, hard-working individual. She's a published author of 3 books, a stage play writer, an actress/model, a motivational speaker, a domestic violence survivor & advocate, a single mother of three teenagers & two God-placed (now adult) children, and a graduate student of North Carolina Central Univ.

   In 2007, she founded the LOVE Center (a mentoring center for troubled and/or underprivileged youth) after working several years as a Paralegal & witnessing youth go in and out of the system, she saw the need for the youth in her county, including her own, to have an alternative outlet in their lives. During its operation, Ms. Pierce was very dedicated to this Center & strived to make a difference within the community. Unfortunately, the center was closed completely in 2012 due to lack of funding, but Ms. Pierce continues to stay in consistent communication with many of the children who once attended her center.

   In May 2012, Ms. Pierce graduated from North Carolina Central University with a Master's Degree in Criminal Law, while managing 3 offices for a steadily growing company located in Durham, NC. In early 2014, she was signed by John Cassablancas Modeling Agency, followed by exciting opportunities to appear in a stage play, various films & also television shows within Georgia. In Dec 2014, Ms. Pierce made the life-changing choice to relocated to Georgia due to her rapidly expanding career & in Oct 2015, she also obtained her certification as a Personal Fashion Consultant/Stylist.


   In Feb 2016, after connecting with well known producers in Atlanta, Ms. Pierce produced & directed her very first & own documentary entitled, 'The Cheating Heart: Love or Lust?'. In April 2016, she officially launched her own production & management company, Dce3productions. In 2017, she obtained her certification in Corporate & Public Event Planning. As her clients and other professionals she encountered began to notice her drive and work ethics, she gained the name "Boss Lady", which was well suited and deserving to whom she is on a daily basis.  

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